10 Dehydration Symptoms Most People Ignore

10 Dehydration Symptoms Most People Ignore

What is Dehydration?

Due to an increase in temperatures, there is a chance that some of us might get dehydrated. Dehydration is the loss of water in our bodies, which have been proven to be harmful. 

What happens if we are Dehydrated?

Each of us should drink at least eight glasses of water so we can be hydrated and to prevent our bodies from malfunctioning due to dehydration, making water an essential part of our life and diet. There are three types of dehydration, severe, moderate, and mild, depending on the amount of fluid your body is missing.

What are the Causes of Dehydration?

It is completely normal to lose a little bit of water every day from your body due to your peeing, pooping, sweating, and breathing. You can also lose water because of tears and saliva or your spit. Usually, the water that you lose is replaced by the intake of fluids and foods that contains water. In case if you lose too much water, then you are likely to get dehydrated. 

Given below are the reasons due to which you can lose fluid from your body:

  • Fever 
  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating Excessively
  • Vomiting
  • Peeing Excessively (Patients who have diabetes tend to pee a lot. And patients who are on medications and are given pills like diuretics or water pills also pee more often than the usual)

Sometimes you might not replace the water that you lose because:

  • You are busy and forget to drink water. 
  • You don’t realize that you have been thirsty for a while.
  • You might have a sore throat or mouth sores which prevent you from drinking water, or maybe you are sick to the stomach.

Symptoms of Dehydration 

Some of the symptoms of moderate or mild dehydration include:

  • Thirst
  • Not Peeing very much 
  • Dry, Cool Skin
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Dry or Sticky Mouth 
  • Dark Yellow Pee
  • Headache

Symptoms of severe dehydration include:

  • Not Peeing 
  • Having very dark yellow pee
  • Sunken Eyes
  • Fainting  
  • Rapid Breathing
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Very Dry Skin
  • Sleepiness, lack of energy, confusion or irritability
  • Feeling Dizzy

Symptoms differ in Babies and Young Children and can be different compared to the adults:

  • No tears when crying 
  • Sleepiness, lack of energy, irritability
  • Dry diapers for 3 hours
  • Dry mouth and tongue
  • Sunken eyes and cheeks
  • A soft spot on top of a baby’s skull

Severe Dehydration is a medical emergency and should be treated immediately.

10 Symptoms of Dehydration that Most People Ignore

  1. Most people think that the first sign of dehydration is thirst, but according to May Clinic, that is wrong. The first sign that people are likely to ignore of dehydration is hunger. When you are dehydrated, it is expected that you are always hungry. The food that you eat is another source of water, making your body believe that you are just hungry instead of dehydrated. 
  2. Another symptom of dehydration is when you cannot think clearly. People often brush it off as lack of sleep; in fact, it is the lack of water in your brain, causing your brain to shrink 2% of its original size, causing your mind to be fuzzy even though you are awake. 
  3. Some of us never suspect that the headache we have is due to dehydration. You can get headaches because of too much water in your system too. This is linked to the shrinkage of the brain which pulls away from your skull and activates pain receptors. 
  4. Often you start craving fruits or vegetables which are high in water. No one thinks food craving to be related to dehydration unless you have something else or are pregnant. This is one symptom which combined with hunger is ignored more often than ever. 
  5. Constipation is related to the digestive system, and most people assume that they need more fiber, but to reduce constipation, your digestive system also needs water together with more fiber. 
  6. If your lips are always dry and you need to put the lip balm often, then you are most likely dehydrated and need more intake of water.
  7. You might feel lightheaded when you get up or get dizzy. You think you stood up too fast, but it is the most missed symptom of dehydration. 
  8. You are very tired. You immediately assume that you need rest, but in fact, you need more water. Because of less water, your blood gets thick and moves slowly dropping your blood pressure for a short time, making you feel fatigued.
  9. Bad breath is another symptom usually ignored for dehydration. The reason for bad breath is not enough production of saliva which is produced because of water in your body. 
  10. Often people think sweating is a symptom of dehydration when in reality as you move further in the dehydration, your skin is likely to get dry. Your skin is prone to remain dented when pinched and takes a long time to heal. 

Who is at risk of Dehydration?

Any one of us can get dehydrated, but some people are at a much higher risk of getting dehydrated:

  • Babies and young children are likely to get dehydrated. They cannot get their drink and cannot inform you if they want one. They are the most likely to have diarrhea and vomiting, and they lose a lot of water from high fever.  
  • Older adults like us are often unlikely to realize that we are thirsty due to us being busy with the work. Some of the elders are not able to get their drinks due to them not being able to walk or some medical condition. Some of us having medical conditions are not likely to have enough intake of water. 
  • People who are ill due to cold or have a sore throat sometimes don’t want to eat or drink.
  • People with a chronic disease; for example, type 2 diabetes pee a lot if the condition is not under control. They are also likely to be prescribed with pills such as water pills which can make them pee a lot. 
  • People who are active outside in the humid temperature can have higher body temperatures as they don’t cool off quickly, making their sweat evaporation less effective. 

Treatment for Dehydration 

The best ways to rehydrate your body is to drink plenty of fluids like water, fruit juice, squash. 


Dehydration is the loss of water from your water and can happen to anyone even though there are people who are at a much higher risk of getting dehydrated, for example, babies. People usually tend to ignore the symptoms of dehydration, making the case severe. One of the signs that people overlook is excessive hunger. As a result, people should always drink water before whatever they eat to prevent dehydration. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to prevent our bodies from malfunctioning. 

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