15 Home Remedies That Removes Tartar And Plaque From Teeth

15 Home Remedies That Removes Tartar And Plaque From Teeth

What are Tartar and Plaque?

Both plaque and tartar are widespread dental problems. Plaque is a sticky line, usually transparent film of bacteria that forms along our gum line and on our teeth. Plaque can cause cavities and gum diseases. Tartar on the other hand is the hardened Plaque. It can cause discoloration and can trap stains on the teeth. Tartar and Plaque buildup increases as we age.

What is the cause of Tartar and Plaque?

Saliva combined with food and fluids in your mouth can produce an environment that allows the bacteria to deposit which it collects on your teeth and your gum, especially at the point where your teeth and gums meet.

Foods that can cause the formation of plaque are foods that contain carbohydrates, a sugar found in drinks and candies. 

Problems caused by Tartar and Plaque Build Up

A plaque  or tartar on your teeth can lead to the following issues:

  • Cavities
  • Gingivitis (Inflammation of Gums)
  • Bad Breath

Home Remedies to Remove Tartar and Plaque 

Even though you should always get proper dental treatment, there have been some remedies that have proven to be very useful:

Brushing your teeth carefully 

Brushing is the best treatment to prevent tartar and plaque build-up. If you build correctly after 30 minutes of eating you can reduce the chances of you ever developing tartar and plaque build-up. But for that, you need to brush for three minutes, applying pressure evenly and covering every part of your mouth.

Using Toothpaste that contains Fluoride

Fluoride is known to strengthen the tooth enamel, and it lessens the tooth decay due to the consumption of acidic foods and drinks. It also helps in the healing and regenerating process of teeth, but the only problem is that it can be slow and only brushing cannot help, you also need to have a proper diet and steer clear of all sugary substances.

Buying Toothpaste with Tartar Control

If you are vulnerable to developing tartar patches or are distressed concerning plaque, use a tartar control toothpaste. They contain a mixture of ingredients designed to fight against crusty build-ups within the mouth. In some cases, they additionally contain triclosan. This is often an associate antibiotic substance that may kill a variety of bacteria strains.

Using a mixture of Aloe Vera and Glycerin

The benefits of Aloe vera gel are praised for many years, however, did you know that it may be able to keep teeth free from plaque? Take a cup of water, mix it with a cup of hydrogen carbonate, and a teaspoon of Aloe vera gel. Then, add a healthy dose of lemon oil and 4 teaspoons of vegetable glycerine. Now, scrub your teeth with the formula and get up to a shiny set of gnashers within the morning.

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Rubbing your teeth with an Orange Peel

If you do not fancy rubbing vegetable glycerin on your teeth, you may like one thing a bit simpler. You can rub an orange peel directly onto your teeth, and this can facilitate to fight tartar building microorganisms on the enamel. You can additionally mash up the orange peel (though this could take some time) and apply it to the stained areas. Leave the mixture on for some time and then rinse. You must know that this perceptibly whitens the teeth.

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Switching from your regular toothbrush to an electric one

There have been a lot of discussion in the past regarding the electric toothbrushes which are better when it comes to brushing of the teeth. For the foremost half, it’s right down to personal alternative. However, studies have shown, time and once more, that electrical brushes are efficient at removing the build-up on the teeth.

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Having a diet involving Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables are great at keeping your health in check, and that involves your physical health too. Munching on celery sticks, peppers, apples, and carrots can make your teeth look strong and healthy in no time.

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Using a Super Vitamin Paste

You can mash together all the fruits containing Vitamin C; this includes Oranges, Strawberries, Lemons, Tomatoes and anything else that is readily available in your house. Combine along till you get a thick paste and so apply this to the tartar and plaque build-ups. Leave the mixture on for some time and then rinse. Vitamin C will help get rid of the bacteria and keep your mouth healthy. 

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Eating spicy dishes

If you like eating Indian or Mexican food, you are in luck. As per the researchers, spicy cuisines are great in reducing plaque and tartar in your mouth. This happens due to the increased production of the saliva. We are all aware of the fact that Saliva is the secret weapon for fantastic dental health, and it washed over your teeth, cleaning all the nasty stuff from it.

Gargling with the Vinegar Solution

This is not a pleasant technique for removing plaque. However, it’s natural and guaranteed not to damage your teeth. Vinegar will taste pretty unpleasant, though; however, it’s effective. Take a mixture consisting of 2 tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of salt, and 4 ounces of water. Now, gargle with this vinegar answer. Rinse and repeat each 2-3 days for the maximum price.

Grinding up Clove Spices

This inclusion of this surprise spice ought to come back as no surprise, because of its use as a pain remedy for ache for hundreds of years. It is widely available in supermarkets, as a result of it being a typical ingredient in Indian cuisines. So, you must not go through any hassle finding cloves already ground and prepared to use. Combine the ground spice with a bit water, till it forms a paste. Apply this paste on to the stained areas and leave to rest. Rinse totally.

Eating Cheesy Snacks

Eating a snack full of aged cheese like Swiss or Cheddar is a great way to neutralize the acids that are present in your mouth right after a meal. These acids are the cause of plaque build-up on your teeth. According to researchers, there is an ingredient in the aged cheese that acts as a buffering agent and a barrier for plaque. The same element is also found in sesame seeds and peanuts. 

Cleaning your teeth with the Baking Soda

Since the past few decades, people have been using baking soda as a cleaning substance. It is filled with Sodium Bicarbonate having abrasive properties and removing nasty stuff from teeth. To make a baking soda mixture, combine it with a pinch of salt and then dampen your toothbrush in it and clean your teeth like you usually do.

Buying a Dental Scraping Device for your Teeth

A dental scraper is a device used by your dentist used to remove the tartar during the intensive cleaning. These devices are readily available in pharmacies. It is a long thin device with a hook at one end. While it might look scary, removing tartar is never painful. All you need to do is stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room and gently scrape the tartar off.

Eating plenty of Figs 

Figs are used to fight the plaque in your teeth. It is excellent at fighting bacteria growing on your teeth. All you need to do is have a handful of figs and chew them slowly and deliberately giving it the exposure to your teeth and gums and restarting the salivary glands in the process. Saliva contains antibacterial properties and can help fight the plaque and tartar on your teeth.

Other treatments

Other than the home remedies mentioned in the section above, there are two more treatments that you can do:

  1. Exposing the plaque in your teeth to anti-bacterial ingredients which will help kill it and stop it from growing back.
  2. To brush and floss your teeth in a general mechanical motion 


Whatever technique you use, try to go to your dentist as they are an essential resource and can help you maintain your oral health. Try to Floss and Brush regularly. Eat a healthy diet, full of vegetables and fruits and go in for a regular check-up with your dentist, as they can tell if your teeth need more treatment or whether a simple cleaning will do the job.

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