Seeing from its use, the kitchen is a room that has equipment and supplies to process food until it is ready to be served. Talking about cooking activities or making a particular dish will not be separated from the calculation and efficient timing so the target serving of a dish can be estimated before it is ready to be served. 

Not infrequently people who make or prepare certain dishes can spend quite a long time just to produce dishes that are in accordance with the wishes and not infrequently also someone who has spent a long time to make certain dishes actually gets disappointing results.  Now, there have been several new innovations coming from several people with high creativity who are able to save time in the kitchen to work on a dish without having to wait long and without having to doubt the results. 

This time we will try to find 35 kitchen tricks that can save you time to make something that can be served with satisfying results.

  1. Get a red apple cider. First, choose an apple that is still fresh and then the apple is put into the freezer. After the apple is frozen, the apple is removed and thawed. If the ice in the apple has melted, then the apple will be soft. After the apple is soft, the next step you take is to just take glass as a container to hold the apple cider. Now all you have to do is squeeze the apple by putting the base of the apple into a glass and you will get apple cider without the hassle of cutting, blending, and filtering.
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  1. Present seedless date palm. This time we can present date palm that is no longer seeds so that the audience doesn’t feel bothered to remove the seeds anymore. We can do this easily before we serve it. First, select the date palm you want, then use a straw that is rather hard. This straw will remove the dates without damaging the date palm as a whole. So the straw is inserted into the date palm through the base of the date palm and pushed until the date palm seeds come out through the end of the date palm. Do this to match the number of date palm you want to serve. Amazing results, right?

  1. Boil an egg without having to see the broken egg because it is caused by the temperature of the water that is too hot. The method is very simple, by adding vinegar to the boiled water and after adding the vinegar, you add the boiled egg. Wait until the water boils and you will see that there are no broken eggs.
  1. Boil Potatoes without having to waste a long time to peel potatoes. The trick is: select the potatoes to be boiled, then make small pieces and not too circular in the middle of the potato so that the skin of the potato is immediately split if the potato is ripe. After making a circular cut, the potatoes are boiled until cooked. After the potatoes are cooked, the potatoes are removed then soaked in cold water and wait for the temperature. The last step you take is to just lift the potato skin with your teak fingers without having to bother anymore and your potatoes are ready for consumption. 
  1. How to separate eggshells from egg whites perfectly. First, prepare a glass and a small funnel. Put the funnel on the glass then break the egg. Let the white of the egg fall into the glass and naturally, the yolk will separate itself. Please take the egg yolk you want and your egg yolk is clean from egg whites.
  1. Makes a very simple omelet cake. First, separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. After that, the egg whites are stirred until fluffy. While waiting for the egg whites to expand, the yolk is poured into the container provided. After the egg whites expand like cream, they are then evenly distributed over the yolk. After evenly distributed, then steamed until cooked. After cooking, the eggs are ready to be served.
  1. Remove seeds from vegetables quickly to remove pumpkin seeds or other vegetables quickly, use an ice cream spoon. Sharp edges on ice cream scoops will make it easier to remove seeds from vegetables. Ice cream scoops can also be used to make thin slices for salads. 
  1. If You Want Your Banana to Last Longer, Here’s How: Separate your bananas from the mark, then wrap the ends of the fruit in plastic or aluminum foil. The tip of the banana that emits ethylene gas, so it must be “smothered”. If you want to add more age, you can put your banana in the refrigerator.
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9. If You Want Long-Lasting Tomatoes, Don’t Enter the Refrigerator! Store Tomatoes At Room Temperature In A Reverse Situation.

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By turning over the tomatoes, you prevent the entry of air from the cut marks near the stem, while preventing the release of moisture in the fruit that can make your tomatoes flat.

10. Vegetables for lettuce like lettuce also apparently can last more than a week, if you keep it like this:


Put the rough paper towel or paper towels in your green vegetable storage area. The tissue can absorb the moisture that makes vegetables wither. So, vegetables like lettuce can still remain crispy despite being more than a week old. But do not be even more lazy to eat vegetables, because just now already know how to store vegetables for long -lasting!

11. Why Should It Be Expensive to Buy Special Soap for Fruits and Vegetables, If You Can Make Your Own Easily? With only 3 ingredients that can be found anywhere, you can make fruit and vegetable washing soap that is as effective as special soaps that are sold in stores. Soap with natural ingredients is also far safer for your health than soap whose composition you cannot spell.

12. Well, If Tricks Peeling Mangoes, Already Know Not?

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You don’t need to skin the mangoes like you peel an apple. From now on, just slice the sides of the mango on the seed output. Well then you comb the meat slowly using a knife to form a box- like that. There are some people who turn the skin of the mango around, just like that. But if you don’t want to get dirty, just use a spoon to scoop the mango meat clean. Put the plate, and enjoy!

13. Peeling Ginger Also Doesn’t Use a Knife

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The irregular shape of ginger likes to make us lazy to peel it. If you use a knife, your fingers might even be cut off because of the winding body of the ginger. Using the peeler is also difficult because of its small size. So, what are you using? Use the spoon! Ginger skin is not as hard as you think. Just spoon comb is enough to make the skin come off. Moreover, the curve of the spoon is more in line with the curve of the body of the ginger than the knife.

14. You Don’t Need to Worry About Fruits that Quickly Change Color After You Peel Because You Now You Know This Trick. Citric Acid Can Make Your Apple Pieces  White. 

Just in a few minutes just the pieces of apples that you haven’t had time to eat will definitely change their color to brownish … how about that … If the color isn’t pretty, so lazy or not, what should I eat? Well, try this trick. Soak the apple slices first in cold water that has been mixed with juice or a slice of lemon, orange, or lime. Citric acid and vitamin C from citrus fruit will slow down the oxidation process which causes the apples to turn brown. Just 5 minutes, guaranteed to look your apples and pears remain beautiful for a long time.

15. There Are Things You Must Do Before Cutting Or Squeezing Lemon. The movement of rolling lemons, oranges, or lime has the effect of releasing saris hidden under the skin. Especially lemons with thick skin, this movement is obligatory before you cut the lemon. If you want something more extreme, you can bake your lemon in the oven for 10-20 seconds. Guaranteed juice or juice will come out more.

16. Peeling Boiled Egg Shells Also Doesn’t Have To Be Torture. Do you want to peel the boiled eggshell with one blow? You can mix one teaspoon of baking soda in your egg stew. Then after cooking, make a small hole in the upper and lower shell of the egg. Now just blow it up. Guaranteed your eggs will immediately ‘jump’ in a state naked from the skin. Or, if you cook eggs in large quantities, after they are cooked you can shake the eggs in one pan. The eggs that sway together will crack their skin. So, you don’t even bother to peel the eggs one by one.

17. Don’t You Want Your Spoon to Bend Because the Ice Cream in the Freezer Becomes a Rock? Even though there is a freezer at home, the literal ice cream that you bought last week must have been less enjoyable when you first bought it. It’s really hard to scoop it out because it’s hard as rock. Well, actually there is a simple way that can make your ice cream as good and as soft as before. Prepare a plastic ziplock or plastic with an airtight opening valve. Strive to remove as much air as possible from the plastic that is filled with ice cream for optimal results.

18. Your ice can be more beautiful if the water is boiled first. Do you want your ice cubes to be clear so you won’t be as mean as your life? Boil the water you will freeze first. Even if you use mineral water that is safe to drink, the process of boiling the water will be able to eliminate more air bubbles in the water. Now those bubbles which if frozen will become whitish. So if you want beautiful ice cubes, boil your water first.

19. You will no longer buy expensive frozen yogurt if you know how easy it is to create a home version. Just buy a cup of yogurt drink that you often meet at your nearest mini-market. Brand according to each taste lah. Then, plant a wooden ice cream stick (widely sold in a household shop) on top of it like a straw. Now, just put it in the freezer. You will be able to enjoy frozen yogurt at bargain prices and minimal effort, with flavors that can compete with the expensive version at the mall.

20. Funny Ideas That Can Make Your Cold Drinks Free of Flies. Just place a paper bread bowl, which is usually used to bake a sponge in your glass. Then, hole the paper bowl with a straw. Guaranteed your drink will not be infested with flies. So it can stay fresh longer. Wow, you have tasted on the beach, enjoying drinks with umbrellas!

21. Open Close the Jammed Jar That Does Not Need Muscle, But the Brain. Have you ever faced a jar lid that was suddenly hard to open? You are too confused looking for people who have muscles to ask for help. But actually, if you know this trick, the only thing you need is a rubber band. Wrap the rubber band just below the jar lid. The rubber band will add to the friction force needed to open the lid. Well, if you use a rubber band is still difficult, try to take your rubber gloves to add more friction, guaranteed the lid is definitely easier to open. How about these fun ideas that you can put into practice in this kitchen? All the formulas are easy and practical, right? And certainly, all can make your activities in the kitchen more exciting. Please try!

22. Eliminating excess fat from cooked food. If a cooked dish turns out to have excess fat on it, it can be removed easily using ice cubes and paper towels (not toilet paper). Wrap ice with a paper towel and wipe it over food. Ice will act as a magnet, attracting fat that floats towards the paper towel.

23. Peeling an orange peel easily. Is the work of peeling the skin annoying? Afraid of nails that have been manicured for hours broken because it is difficult to open the orange peel? Do not worry. Put it in the microwave for 20 seconds and the orange will become easier to peel.

24. Grate soft cheese to keep it from falling apart. Cool it first in the freezer for an hour before shredding. This method will harden the cheese and make the cheese not sticky easily. In addition, grated cheese is more easily sprinkled on food.

25. Cut the onion without crying. Freezers are once again very helpful in this regard. Put the shallots in the freezer for 30 minutes before cutting. But remember, this method is only suitable if the onion will indeed be cooked. This method is not appropriate if the onion will be consumed raw.

26. Magic wooden spatula. One of the bad habits in the kitchen is cooking water in a pan and leaving it until the water overflows and spills when it boils. To prevent this, place a wooden spatula on the pan to prevent the water from boiling.

27. Roast whole chicken evenly. When the roasting whole chicken, lay the breast down. This is because most of the chest contains meat. The closer this section is to the heat source, the faster the whole chicken is cooked evenly.

28. Baking paper for cupcakes. If you don’t have a special cup for the cupcake, just use baking paper. Very practical and cheaper.

29. How to warm properly baked food. When heating a pizza or other baked food in the microwave, place a cup of water next to it. Moisture will prevent roasted food from drying out but will keep it crispy.

30. Keeping herbal leaves still nutritious. If freezing herbal leaves in the form of ice cubes, the usefulness of the properties will be maintained. Try to freeze it by putting it in water or olive oil, then keep it in the freezer.

31. How to store peeled beans properly. Freeze the peel to maintain the nutritional content, taste and aroma. Pack the peeled peel in a closed container before putting it in the freezer. Frozen peel must be in raw condition and not processed.

32. Prevents rusty iron frying. To prevent iron frying from rusting, avoid washing using ordinary dishwashing liquid. Use table salt instead. This method will also eliminate the strong seasoning smell when used in cooking.

33. Eliminates unpleasant odors on the hands. After cutting onions or washing fish, hands will smell. And the smell is usually so strong that it is difficult to disappear even though the hands have been washed using soap. To eliminate the unpleasant odor on the hands, use table salt or lemon. Simply rub your hands with table salt or lemon and then rinse with water.

34. Always add garlic at the end when cooking. Garlic ripens quickly within 20 seconds (can be less because it depends on how hot the pan is). If the garlic takes too long to cook, the taste will be bitter and the aroma will disappear. If you want to add garlic, make sure to add it last so it doesn’t burn.

35. Use acids like vinegar and lemon. If you feel that your cooking has an inappropriate flavor, but all the ingredients have been included – try adding lemon or lime juice, or a drop of cooked vinegar. Acid can liven up the taste, without making it taste sour. With this, the dish will taste even more savory.

Those are some kitchen tricks that can help you not waste any more time cooking. Good luck.

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