Fatigue (fatigue) is a place that has a sign of decreasing the amount needed by someone to work and reducing achievement, and usually, this is related to feeling tired and weak. According to other sources, there is a condition in the human body that experiences fatigue, which usually occurs after heavy physical or mental training. Fatigue can be acute and come on suddenly or chronic and persist. Usually, after a long exercise, people will definitely stand tired, because all limbs move, limbs will get sick and do not want to move their sport. However, this fatigue will soon be transferred with good health such as welfare. Just like the mixture of fatigue and satisfaction that people receive after working hard in the office or studying, this is a healthy and natural combination.

The overall early and late pregnancy is also a natural thing, the reason for the increase in hormones which is one of the causes is also because it causes the weight of the baby in the womb which also makes people pregnant. Tired can also arise from psychological reasons and can represent the problem of certain diseases. But it is rarely the only symptom of the disease. In undetectable diabetes, sugar levels are usually high and this condition can cause fatigue. Uncontrolled diabetes can also cause an increase in blood sugar levels and fatigue. In severe anemia, blood is generally watery, the heart and lungs have to work hard to supply oxygen and deliver it throughout the entire body. Rapid heartbeat in severe anemia may be accompanied by fatigue, anxiety, fainting, pale whites, and shortness of breath.

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Fatigue can occur both physically and mentally. Mentally, this condition is more often overlooked while having the same impact as physical fatigue, namely stress. Mental fatigue cannot be released from physical fatigue. Usually, physical fatigue will trigger mental fatigue and vice versa. Therefore, not a few who experience other symptoms such as aches, dizziness, and ultimately difficult to concentrate. The way to deal with fatigue, both physically and mentally, is to rest. Trivial, but not all individuals have the opportunity to do so, especially those who are too busy with the rhythm of life in big cities.

The following are signs of mental and emotional exhaustion :

1. Stress

In living our daily lives we tend to carry out repetitive routines. When everything is going well, of course it doesn’t matter. However, if there are many problems that come in a barrage and someone can not stem it then what happens is stress. Stress becomes heavy because it cannot just be over with a feeling of being burdened with responsibility. So if you constantly experience the same stress in life, it will cause you mental and emotional exhaustion.

2. Lack of motivation

One reason why people become unmotivated in life is due to exhaustion both physically and mentally. For example, when running a marathon, fatigue will arise and continue to be felt if the motivation to finish the race is lacking even because someone can give up. Motivation and emotional are the same thing, if you are too tired to feel motivated, you become unmotivated. Dr. Merali stated that Anhedonia was often present. Anhedonia is when people lose interest in activities they normally enjoy and have also reduced their ability to feel the pressure.

3. Sleep Disorders

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When someone first realizes that they may be depressed or mentally and emotionally exhausted, their response is that it starts with their sleep disturbed. Dr. Merali said that the reason why people cannot fall asleep when they suffer from depression or mental and emotional exhaustion is that their biological rhythm is disrupted. He also added that depression can also be associated with seasonal affective disorders. This is when people become depressed when the clock shifts or the time changes and the days get shorter. Besides that, Dr. Merali added that if one uses antidepressants, adequate sleep is needed because the drug will not be effective if the body does not get proper rest.

4. Can not wait

Lack of patience is a common sign of depression and mental and emotional exhaustion. Referring to the age characteristics and how lack of patience often occurs in younger people, where sadness is more prominent in someone who is much older. The reason why people are impatient is that they are not focused. They don’t feel like talking because their minds are in a million different places and they can’t concentrate on just one thing. Little things become big things, and big things become bigger.

5. Appetite Disorders

Dr. Merali explained that the body has certain hormones and neurotransmitters. When we are hungry, certain hormones are produced in the body so that hunger pops up. But when the body has a hormonal imbalance, such as low levels of serotonin, it causes a malfunction of all the hormones and neurotransmitters involved in this process. This is what causes loss of appetite. He added that leptin and ghrelin both play an important role in regulating your appetite. So when you have high blood levels of leptin, your appetite decreases, and when you have high levels of ghrelin, your appetite increases.

6. Sadness

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The reason why someone becomes sad when depressed or mentally and emotionally exhausted is that they cannot handle the stress associated with it. When you become mentally and emotionally exhausted, your mind races but you try to make it stop. Dr. Merali added that this extraordinary feeling caused people to break up and cry often until they became too tired to release emotions again. Such people will have low serotonin levels if they experience extreme continuous sadness.

7. Closing Yourself

Someone who is depressed or mentally and emotionally exhausted will tend to focus on things that reflect them in the mind rather than looking at the bigger picture. Everything becomes about them, even when they shouldn’t. He added that people would also isolate themselves and escape from other parts of the world. In fact, being around people and talking is one way to treat depression or mental and emotional fatigue. But for someone who suffers, they don’t see it that way. They see social interaction as another burden that will add to their stress.

With that, it is important to recognize the warning signs of depression and mental and emotional exhaustion. According to Dr. Merali, sincere learning, exercise, and meditation are good treatments for depression and mental and emotional exhaustion.

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