Prayer for yourself

  • Allah is the almighty creator of heaven and earth. On this occasion, allow me to give thanks for Your blessings and inclusion. Especially today, I celebrate birthdays and today, too, a few years ago, I was born in this world from my mother’s womb and became your servant. Because of Your love for me, many blessings that I get, fortune enough, a good family, the warmth of kinship that I can feel and the life that is well off. I am very grateful to you Father for all your kindness. However, often, I still sin and do things that are not pleasing and disappoint You. With all my heart I will change my bad habits and with the help of Your grace, help me become a better and wiser person. That’s all God, we pray in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen
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  • God of love, I thank you for this new day and a good day. Where today is my birthday, the day I was born in the world and become a partner with You. Help me with your help, so that as I get older, I will become more mature in my every thought and deed, wiser in dealing with the problems of life that take turns and become a person who can set an example for my family. This is all we pray in Your name our Lord. Amen
  • Father, what a wonderful universe you created. Stretching like no limit. I am thankful that I was created into a part of Your universe, Lord. Today is my birthday, the day I began to be part of Your vast universe. I have had many sad and happy experiences. Through that, I learned to respect life when I rejoice and love life when I’m sad. May I be able to be of use to the universe. Help me glorify life according to Your dreams so that I will be more sincere in glorifying You, Amen.

Prayers for Friends

  • Dear God. We constantly praise and glorify You. Especially for the new day and breath of life that we are still allowed to enjoy until this moment. Especially on God today, we are very happy because our friends and friends have a birthday. We are very grateful for our aging friend. Thank you for your inclusion. Where in a state of joy, sorrow, sadness and happiness, You always accompany him and bring joyful blessings to Himself. On this occasion, we pray for him, so that you will always give your peace, and joy thanks to him. Hopefully, through your means, our friends and friends will have wisdom, maturity and long life. Form him into an obedient person, a person who knows will be grateful and a person who fears God. We are also grateful for the warm cord of friendship that has existed so far. Hopefully, we can become individuals who can support one another. We pray this prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our savior. Amen
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  • Our Father who is in Heaven, today with all our humility facing You. Give thanks for the gift, especially the gift of our best friend who is having a birthday today. We are happy because You have introduced our best friend to us and become a part of our lives to praise and remember Your name in every daily activity. Father, we ask that the following days will always be filled with joy. Hopefully in the coming year can be a success in achieving the desires of what has been coveted our best friend. Amen

Prayers for couples

Father in Heaven, today I want to give thanks to because You have created a lover whom I love so much as a part of Your majestic universe. Thank you for introducing it and allowing it to be a part of my life. I am grateful to have met him, the person I love most in the world. He always helped me, made me closer to You. May he always be blessed in his life. On this day, my boyfriend has a birthday and may you always guide him to become a better person. Not forgetting, I begged with humility, asking that blessings be always bestowed upon him, Amen.

Prayers for parents

  • God who is almighty, thanks for your presence for giving both parents who are very good, love us very much and faithfully guide us to become more mature human beings. Father, on this day, our father/ mother is celebrating his birthday. Where a few years ago you created it to be part of Your universe. Thank you for your guidance and inclusion. O Father, guide and guide our Father / Mother always. Hopefully, in the following days, our father/ mother can carry out activities under your auspices with gratitude. Amen
  • Loving father. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your grace and thank you for the health and breath of the new life that we may accept to this day. Oh God, today is a special day for our family, especially a special day for our parents where our parents have a birthday. Be with them always, O Lord, in every step of their lives. Give them peace of joy, blessing, health and long life. So that later I can make them happy so that I can make them proud of everything I do and proud of my achievements. And finally, hopefully, with our parents’ age, our affections will also increase for us. For ourselves, hopefully, with all our efforts, we can be the best children for both our parents, children who have legs and become children who can protect our family’s good name. I offer this prayer, praise and thank you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior. Amen

These are some forms of birthday prayer that can be given to your loved ones. Please like, share with your friends and family!

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