My wish for your birthday, whatever you ask for, hope you can, whatever you seek, that you find, whatever you wish may be granted.”

My wish for your birthday, whatever you ask for, hope you can, whatever you seek, that you find, whatever you wish may be granted.”

1. Quotes for friends.

  • “Happy Birthday friend. Hopefully, everything you want is achieved. Your life has been extraordinary, as extraordinary as you! “
  • “We are always together, even from when we were babies. You are always there for me. My life is perfect for you. I can imagine, after today, for the next several decades, we will continue to be together until old age; tells of all the crazy times we created together. Happy aging, friend! “
  • “Pray, that you may obtain all the love that your heart can hold; get all the happiness your day can give, and all the blessings of life. Happy growing up, friend! “
  • “Today is not the end of your years. But a new beginning. Age is only a number, what is inside you is more important. Happy Birthday, friend!”
  • “Birthday again. That means your journey in life is not over, man! I hope your future will be filled with mature success. All the best, my friend! “
  • “The value of life from how much you laugh, not cry. Calculate your age from how many friends you have, not how many years you have passed. “
  • “Forget the past, you can never change it. Forget it today too, because I didn’t bring any presents. Ha haha. Happy Birthday, friend!”

2. Quotes for Couples.

  • “For someone who always gives meaning, wherever he goes; for someone who always spread happiness to anyone he met; I hope all the good that he gave, returned without the slightest lack. He is you Happy aging, dear. “
  • Life must be colored with a smiling face; You know, no one can color my face better than you. Happy birthday, sweetheart. “
  • “For your birthday, I just want to say: I pray that you can feel, how special you are for me. Have a happy, dear. “
  • “An accomplished diplomat is anyone who always remembers his lover’s birthday, but always forgets how old he is. So happy birthday dear. I won’t ask how old you are. “
  • “I really only wish for one thing on your birthday: find you sooner, and live with you longer. Happy Birthday, my love! “
  • “On your birthday, actually I want to give the most beautiful gift of the most beautiful; but then I realized it was impossible because you are the most beautiful, dear. “
  • “Always want to be the first to wish you a happy birthday, among all the people closest to you. So, happy birthday, my love. I hope all your wishes are fulfilled and have an extraordinary life, with me. “
  • I feel to be the most blessed person to be your husband, to live together with you, through all the joys and sorrows. I’m very excited to say that our marriage was perfect. Happy birthday, dear.”
  • “When I look into your eyes, I see a future filled with love and laughter. With you, there is only happiness in my life. Today I celebrate the most special day of your life and hope that you will always be near me. ”

3. Quotes for Parents

  • Mama, the angel without wings that God presents to accompany and educate our children to be the best. There is no regret for you if your children disappoint you. Thank you, Mama, it is always wonderful that you pray for us. Happy birthday, may you be given health and patience in guiding us.
  • Mama, your happiness is seeing me happy! Many ways that you do for me so that I am always strong, smiling and successful. However, I have not been able to reply to all of this on your birthday. Just a word of thanks, Mama and the best prayers for you, happy birthday, I hope God will always carry out all your desires.
  • I need a special and charming love to sacrifice everything for someone else, that is, a mother’s love. Thank you for sacrificing many things, so that I can have the chance to be happy with you. Mama, you are the best in my life! Happy Birthday.
  • Ma, every year on this happiest day Mama always wins a prize that is a gold medal as “The best mother in the world.” Nothing can replace Mama in my heart. Happy Birthday!
  • Time goes on with Papa, but my love and love will never disappear for me. You are my hero, thank you for your love and love. Happy birthday Papa, may God always protect you.
  • To me, you are not old, Pa, even though your age is growing. Your soul is still young, the proof is that Papa wants to wear clothes that are similar to mine. Happy birthday, pa, please accept this gift from me your child.
  • Happy birthday man who made me fall in love from the first I was born in this world! Always healthy, Dad, continue to guide us, your children who always miss your advice.

4. Quotes for Ourself

  • If at the previous age I am nothing, at this new age I must be something. The passion to become a better person. Continue to study and work tirelessly. Because the results never deny hard work.
  • Everyone pray for the best for me. But I have never done the best for them. May my new age bring me blessings and kindness, so that I can make those who love me proud.
  • Times keep changing, and I’m not young anymore. I have to be better than before, so there will never be another word of regret at the end of time. Happy birthday to my own self.

Thus some birthday quotes that can be said in a moment of birthday.

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