Lemon fruit is actually very beneficial for the human body. In the world of beauty, lemon is used as a mixture of cosmetic ingredients. Lemon fruit is very rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Lemon also contains antioxidants and its function is very good for maintaining human immunity. Lemon fruit is also often used as a skincare ingredient by utilizing lemon juice or juice. In addition to health and beauty, the benefits of lemon can also be felt by housewives to clean the kitchen and cooking utensils. It also can whiten clothes while removing stains.


The following benefits of Lemon for life and health: 

1. Warm lemon juice is very good in cleansing the liver. The content in lemons can increase peristalsis in the stomach, helping to defecate regularly. It is like a blood purifier, so warm lemon water is good to drink after lunch or dinner.

2. Skincare. The second benefit of lemon water is that it can be a natural antiseptic drug, which is tasked with curing problems related to the skin. Consuming lemon juice regularly can make a big difference in the appearance of your skin. Lemon has a function as an anti-aging drug, eliminating wrinkles and blackheads. Even if affixed to the burn area can fade the scar.

3. Dental care. Did you know that the benefits of lemon are also very important in dental care? Yes, gargling with fresh lemon juice can actually help in getting rid of tooth pain. The benefits of lemon on the gums can stop bleeding gums. This method also prevents foul odors and other problems related to gums.

4. Cure throat infections. Lemon is an excellent fruit in helping to combat problems related to throat infections, sore throats, and bacterial tonsillitis. To overcome a sore throat, you can gargle by using half a glass of lemon juice.

5. Lose weight. Routine drinking of lime juice opens the way to lose weight faster. Utilizing lemon juice mixed with warm water and honey can also help reduce weight.

6. Control high blood pressure. The efficacy of lemon works like a magic potion especially for people who have heart problems. Lemon has a high potassium content in it. A diet high in potassium is also believed to help control high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, help relax the mind, reduce mental stress and depression.

7. It helps cure breathing problems. The benefits of lemon can also help in curing respiratory problems, especially in people who suffer from asthma.

8. Treat rheumatism. The benefits of lemon water can help treat arthritis and arthritis because the fruit has diuretic properties, by removing bacteria and toxins from the body.

9. It helps prevent kidney stones. The citric acid in lemons can help prevent kidney stones. Drinking lemon water not only helps get more citric acid, but also the water you need to prevent kidney stones. Drinking 1/2 cup of lemon water provides the same amount of citric acid that you find in various recipes.

10. Improve heart health. Drinking lemon juice is very helpful for people who suffer from heart problems because they contain potassium. The benefits of lemon water can control high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea because it provides a soothing sensation for both the mind and body. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, daily lemon juice intake is balanced by effective exercise for high blood pressure. Other studies also remind the importance of foods rich in vitamin C in preventing various coronary heart diseases.

11. Haircare. Lemon juice has proven to be beneficial in hair care on a wide scale. When applied to the scalp, the benefits of lemons can overcome dandruff, hair loss and other problems related to hair and scalp. If you apply lemon water directly to your hair, it can actually make your hair shine naturally.

12. Fade scars. The efficacy of lemons is able to cool burns and help scars because lemons are a cooling agent, which reduces the burning sensation on burns.

13. Stop bleeding in the body. Lemon has antiseptic and coagulant properties, so the benefits of lemon can stop internal bleeding. Put a small cotton ball in lemon juice, then place it in the nose to stop a nosebleed. If you are in good health and have a bodyweight of 70 kg or less, it is recommended to squeeze half a lemon and serve it in one glass of water. Drink twice a day. However, if you weigh more than 70 kg, squeeze one whole lemon into a glass of water. For the maximum benefit of lemon, drink twice a day. lemon benefits for health.

14. Clean Oil Remaining. Very often on the stove, cooking table, even our dining table is full of splashes of oil residue that is very difficult to remove. All people, especially mothers, are sometimes very restless because of this. Don’t worry, this problem can be overcome by using lemon. Take a lemon and cut it into 2 parts, and one part sprinkled with salt to rub on the spot affected by oily stains. Then continue rubbing with a cloth to clean.


15. Clean the glass. Rub your dull glass with lemon slices or soak the glass in a mixture of water and lemon juice to add sparkle to the glass. This method is very effective for cleaning pitchers, coffee pots and decanters.

16. Clean the Cutting Board. Cutting boards for food in the kitchen (cutting board) are often neglected, leaving stains that are difficult to remove and unpleasant odors even though they are often cleaned because many bacteria live on it. Use a gentle, refreshing lemon to clean the cutting board. This method applies to plastic and wood cutting boards. Take the lemon, cut it into 2 parts, and rub it over the cutting board and wash thoroughly with water.

17. Eliminating Waste Odor. When the pile of garbage starts to smell, all you need to do is put the used lemon peel in the garbage bag. This is because lemon peel or pouring a little lemon juice into bad-scented trash can refresh and remove the odor. Thus your environment becomes more fresh right?

18. Clean the Microwave. Lemon rind is great for cleaning microwave ovens. Sometimes a food explosion due to negligence makes a mess, and the rest of the food will stick firmly to the inside surface of the oven. Don’t worry, use lemon peel to clean this. The trick is to soak some of the skin in a bowl that is added with water and put it in the oven. Then switch the microwave on for 5 or 6 minutes at high temperatures, and boiling water will create steam that fills the microwave. Condensed steam will help soften the remaining food that sticks. Then clean the inside using a towel carefully because the microwave is still hot. Another simpler way is to boil one glass of water mixed with four tablespoons of lemon juice in the microwave and use the same mixture to clean the microwave.


19. Shine shoes. In ancient times, shoes made from leather and boots were famous during World War and World War II. Military men at that time used boots as part of their uniforms and had to keep them shiny, let alone meet their superiors. Nowadays, leather shoes and boots are only used as part of the style. To clean the stain on shoes and make it shiny, you can try using lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon in a bowl, then dip the cloth in the juice, then use it to wipe the hardened stain on your s

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