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Vertigo in the health sciences is no stranger to everyone because today not a few people suffer from vertigo. Vertigo is a form of pain that is felt in the head that causes a person who experiences it to feel undisturbed spinning or floating movements and this is caused by vestibular disorders. 

Hasil gambar untuk vestibular

The vestibular system is a system that regulates the balance of a person’s body and this vestibular system plays a major role in the orientation of the body in standing, walking, sitting, sleeping, etc., where this system is responsible for assessing how the body’s position is based on movement and position head. Anatomically, the vestibular system is located in the temporal bone of the ear, and according to its function, the vestibular system is very important in the balance, coordination, and movement of the body. Without the vestibular system, the person will look like someone who is drunk and easily falls. 

Vertigo is a symptom that causes dizziness and seems to rotate around so that the person is difficult to maintain balance. This condition will trigger vertigo sufferers to feel nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, headaches, abnormal eye crunching (nystagmus), cold ears (tinnitus), and the sensation of falling.

Basically, Vertigo is divided into two types with predefined symptoms according to the cause, which is :

1. Peripheral Vertigo. This vertigo is caused by several things, namely: 

a. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), is a disease that most often occurs due to the condition of the vestibular ear in a disorder that is caused by several things such as movements to raise one’s head, wake up suddenly, & sudden changes in the position of the head. This BPPV condition is often experienced by adults aged 50 years and over but it is also possible for younger people to cover it. According to experts, this incident occurred because of the carbonate crystals in the inner ear. These carbonate crystals function to create the illusion of motion so that when there is a sudden change in the position of the head, these crystals will enter the ear that contains the fluid balance.

b. Experiencing Labrintitis. 

Labyrinthitis is infection or inflammation in the inner ear, especially in the fluid-filled ducts. This infection is usually caused by bacteria and viruses as in people who are suffering from colds or colds.

c. Meniere’s disease, a disease that attacks the ear but this disease rarely occurs. This disease can cause ringing in the ears, and even loss of hearing function within a certain time limit accompanied by severe nausea and vomiting and until now experts have not found the cause.

d. Head injury. Another cause is a history of head injury, where people who have had severe head injury will have the opportunity to experience a disturbance in the inner ear so that it can cause vertigo.

2. Central Vertigo

Central vertigo is caused due to interference with the brain. The part of the brain that is disturbed in this case is the Cerebellum.

As for some other causes of central vertigo, which is:

  1. Stroke, namely the occurrence of blocked blood vessels that occur in the brain.
  2. Brain tumors that attack the cerebellum, thus causing impaired coordination of body movements.
  3. Migraine is a severe headache accompanied by throbbing pain.
  4. Acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor in the vestibular nerve where the nerve connects the nervous system between the ear and brain and the disease is caused by genetic abnormalities.
  5. Multiple sclerosis, a disorder of nerve signals in the central nervous system, brain and spine, caused by errors in a person’s immune system
  6. Another thing is to take drugs that cause vertigo as a side effect.

Vertigo can be treated by consuming medical drugs and can also be treated at home. There are several types of home remedies for vertigo, which is :

  1. Vertigo Maneuver Epley Therapy. is a therapy that aims to remove the small particles of calcium that settle from the inner ear canal and return it to its true position where the system utilizes the effects of the shock system and the effects of the gravity system. The process of this therapy is in the form of movements with certain positions of the body and head in opposite directions, where each position is held for 30 minutes and then moved again to the next position and held for another 30 minutes. The purpose of maintaining a position with a time of 30 minutes is to give time for small particles to move in the other direction in the reload channel by relying on gravity. We recommend that to do this therapy must be accompanied by physiotherapy.
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  1. Mineral water consumption. Vertigo or dizziness can also be caused by dehydration so that it can cause blood volume in the body which ultimately results in reduced blood supply to the brain.
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2. Physical training. In this case, physical exercise in the form of yoga is highly recommended to be balanced by consuming foods low in salt, calories, and foods that are high in fat.

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3. Brad Daroff Therapy. People with vertigo are advised to sit upright on the side of the bed with both legs hanging. But the feet should not be moved, then the eyes are closed and lay down spontaneously or move quickly to one side and hold for about 30 minutes.

After that sit down to its original position, and stay to relax for 30 seconds. Then do the movement as before by removing spontaneously the other side of the body.

Hasil gambar untuk Brad Daroff Therapy

  1. Other therapies are Rest. Resting when the attack is close and after the attack is the best thing to do because relaxation can minimize the effects of vertigo. If you feel dizzy, sit or lie down immediately. Sudden movements, and sometimes any movement can worsen the sensation of vertigo that is felt. Also, avoid bright or excessive light. Such as television light or light from the cellphone screen should be turned off so as not to worsen the condition of the sufferer.

So it can be concluded that the vertigo fact can be treated also with some therapies that can be applied at home and the therapy can support medical drugs obtained from doctors.

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