The creatures on this earth basically have the same cycle that is Growing, Developing, and Dead. This cycle is no exception for humans where humans are initially Born, Developed, and Death. However, on this occasion, we will try to see what happens to the human soul after death with the science explain. 

According to medical science, a person’s death can be determined in three stages: 

  1. Clinical death

This clinical death is characterized by someone who is no longer breathing and also the absence of a heartbeat. Everyone who is going to die will experience this condition, and in this condition, a person will receive medical assistance in the form of breathing aids, defibrillators, and heart resuscitation. At this stage, a person is not certain to die completely because under certain conditions a person can come back to life after getting emergency help. Conditions like this can also be referred to as Near-Death-Experience.

2. Brain Death

In this condition, someone who is not helped in the clinical death stage will lead to brain death. At this stage, a person is no longer getting oxygen (O2) and also blood to the brain so that someone is getting worse in the process towards death.

3. Biological Death

In this stage, a person can be stated with certainty that he has experienced death so thoroughly that one’s body becomes pale and stiff. A body that has experienced biological death cannot be better. This condition is characterized by the absence of regeneration of body cells and also the process of decomposition of the body.

After knowing the process of death in medical science, now the question is what happens to your soul after death? There are many scientific speculations about what happens to a
person’s soul after death, but currently there is the latest knowledge that can give
conclusions about life after death.

The Biocentrism Theory was popularized by a researcher named Robert Lana (Born
February 11, 1956). In Biocentrism, one’s death is not the end of the journey. After making
scientific observations it can be concluded that life & death have a relationship with “Other

The Biocentrism Theory states that there is an energy in the brain that is the energy of “Life
Feeling” about “Who I Am” and this energy is not destroyed even though the body of
someone who has died has been damaged by decay, writes the author of Biocentrism,
Robert Lanza.

In an experiment using a beam splitter published in a science journal a few years ago, energy particles can be disconnected and their existence determined so that they can help humans to re-explore their experiences in the past. From the results of this experiment, the Biocentrism Theory confirms that life after death is true, where the energy “feeling of life” can penetrate the space & time of human life itself so that someone who has been declared dead, his soul can still explore his life experiences in the past. If you look at some of the experiences of people who came back from the dead, then there will be similarities in the story of their experiences about what they experienced after they died with the theory of biocentrism where people who managed to come back from their deaths will tell about that they could see what had happened in their lives in the past and they can also see something new that they have not seen in their lifetime.

If this is related to physics, then, of course, the biocentric theory about the existence of life after death is strongly supported by a physical theory called the law of conservation of energy where this theory confirms that an Energy will not disappear, but energy will change shape. From this Biocentrism theory and also the Physics theory about energy, all speculation about what happens to the soul after death can be said to have answered that there is life after death. Life is in the form of energy “feeling of life” in different forms that can bring the soul of a deceased human being to explore all forms of aspects that occur in life both experiences during the person’s life and experiences that have not been experienced by that person during his life until the person dies.

So what happens to your soul after death? This question can be confirmed by the scientific answer that what happens in the soul after death is the existence of a new life in the form of energy “feeling of life” in this universe that can explore previous life and live a new life in new space & time too. We know that there may still be parties who do not believe in life after death that has been proven scientifically, but for now, the proofs carried out by the Biocentrism Theory have really helped us to answer a little doubt about the certainty of the science of religion that so far has believed in the existence of life after death. So, now religion and science have the same view of life after death even though these two sources of knowledge have their respective thoughts about the evidence and explanation for life after death.

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