Why wife will insist on her husband to visit Walmart

Why wife will insisted her husband to visit Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retailer that operates several chains of markets, discount stores, and grocery stores. Most women love shopping and that is why you will find most of them going for groceries at Walmart. However, Walmart can be used for other activities like dinner or you can use it for your first date and enjoy the experience. And as usual some love Walmart and those who hate it, this is seen in that as much as Walmart provides competitive prices, it is ranked low when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, the fact that the shop has over 265 million customers over the weekend, this may be the reason why your partner will insist on going with you to shop at Walmart. Below are some of the reasons why your wife may insist on your company to Walmart.

Produce upgrades

Anyone will prefer fresh vegetables and fruits, this may be the reason behind the massive growth witnessed in Walmart stores. This is a reason enough for your wife to insist on going shopping with you. Being together as a couple makes shopping more enjoyable. Walmart uses the technique of lively display that helps in selling the products.

Grocery upgrade

This is the upgrades that led to organic grocery being present on the shelves of Walmart. The company had focused more on upgrading grocery, it has also created several stores to deal with new food products.

This is the best thing that has been witnessed in Walmart, putting the health of their customers into consideration. Organic foods are very important when it comes to health issues. However, the organic grocery is cheap. If your wife is aware of this, she will insist on shopping as a couple at Walmart. In almost every home with a woman, she is the one that is involved in grocery issues and probably the one who can tell where to get the best grocery.

Free deliveries

This is the best after-sale service thing you can ever do to any customer, Walmart like other online stores such as Amazon, are offering free deliveries on shipping. The best thing about Walmart is that membership is not a must for you to get free shipping services. The free door deliveries might be an attractive feature.

Re-invented greeters

Walmart has brought in customer hosts to replace people greeters. Hosts are very important since offering a wide range of services compared to people greeters. For instant customer hosts placed at the storefronts, can handle refunds, cleaning the aisle and confirm the receipts as customers are leaving the stores. This helps majorly in solving customer needs and wants.

However, the changes didn’t work well in all places, in someplace disabled greeters have raised complain because of being forced out since they can handle the added duties as required. However, the modification in greeters to perform some duties was a good idea in customer satisfaction. Your wife might be aware of this and it might be the reason she will alway6s insist on your company whenever going to Walmart.

Curbside pickup

Curbside pickup services at Walmart are free ion that a customer can purchase grocery from stores online and have their grocery packed in a car-free. This is a good thing since it is not a must to enter the store or go with your vehicle. To compete with other markets that have already succeeded in grocery pickup Walmart is making this service available in all its stores.

Walmart is creating an area of picking up non-grocery products in almost every corner of its store, by this customers will not have to wander in Walmart supercenters. This method is easy, fast and no membership fees required. You can get the goods you want very fast especially if the items wanted are already on the shelves of the store.

Walmart delivery game

Walmart is upgrading its delivery game at a very fast rate, in fact, you can get your grocery delivered the same day you placed the order. Not long ago, delivery host services have been added into the stores. This helped in fulfilling the delivery of groceries.

In-store money services

Walmart’s money services act like quasi-bank, providing access to money services, in the store, bill payment is also processed, the printing of checks and issuing of money orders. Walmart also owns credit cards and prepaid money program services. You can transfer funds to the family through Walmart.

This convenient in money services is also attracting the attention of many to the stores. Wives will insist on going to places with flexibility in handling services. Blueprint also exists in the store of Walmart and it acts as a traditional bank allowing direct deposits, ATM withdrawals, paying bills online among other services.

Health screening

Your wife may be insisting on going with you to the Walmart stores due to the availability of free health screening services available in the Walmart stores. The stores considered the health issues of its customers.

The screening services you will get as a Walmart customer includes blood pressure, flu shots, immunizations at low cost, vision screening, body mass, levels of blood glucose. However, the screening services are offered on particular days. So ensure you visit your local Walmart to know when is the next date of free screening.

Self-checkout registers

Over a long period in its operation, Walmart has been known to be having slow checkouts, lots of registers and long lines. To fix this, Walmart stocked self-checkout services, although these services might not be available in all Walmart stores, there are plans set to put in place the services on all stores. This strategy reduced congestion and made it possible for couples to walk enjoying in the stores. Every register has a video screen where you can see yourself checkout, while another person is watching from the other side. From the above articles, we get to know the importance of shopping at Walmart and why wives see it as the best place to go with their husband.

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